heat-transfer foils

-- low budget to high end in high speed --

We have been manufacturing heat-transfer foils since 1993 in cooperation with two partners. We usually manage to produce quantities of 50,000 to 10,000,000 within 3 weeks. We take care of all the handling - everything from motif creation over foil manufacturing to roll-on stamping to your product.

The use of heat-transfer foils is especially suited to multicoloured designs. The motifs, either on black or transparent foils, are applied in one process step. Familiar problems such as imprecision, colour changes or pearl effects are a thing of the past - the colour fastness is guaranteed. A white or aluminum background to your motif is also possible. You can thus change the colour of the product if you like, while maintaining the print image 1:1.

Using heat-transfer foils it is also possible to apply coloured decoration up to the very edge of the product.

Five-colour motifs, including high-gloss silver and gold, are part of today's standard. All of the materials used conform to EN71-3 and REACH.

Although heat-transfer is no all-purpose solution it is a brilliant addition to standard decoration.